Sanduni De SIlva

Speech Pathology Therapy Assistant

About Sanduni

What inspired you to become a speechie?

I have always wanted to work with children and help make a difference in people’s lives. So, what better way than to empower children and help them communicate and express themselves through the wonderful world of Speech Pathology. Communication plays such an important role in our everyday lives, and knowing I can impact a child and their family’s life forever, is a satisfying and fulfilling feeling.

Who do you like to work with?

I have had the joy of working with school-aged children with speech and language difficulties throughout my clinical placements. I would love to gain experience working with younger preschool-aged kids and adolescents as well.

Watch Sanduni at Work

My favourite therapy games so far have been ‘Pop the Pig’ and ‘Wobbly Worms’.

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