NSPOT's Mission

We understand that you want the best for your child. We believe that every child is special and that they have the right to be able to function in their everyday lives in the same way as their peers. Let us help you address your concerns and set your child on the path to realising their true potential!

Our passion is to support individuals and their families to become the best version of themselves in a fun and supportive environment.

From our inception as a Speech Pathology practice in 1986, we have been driven to provide a high-quality therapy service, with innovation, passion and enthusiasm being the principals that we abide by when we are working with our clients and their families.

Our work starts with the future in mind. We set a pathway towards helping our clients achieve their long term goals. We are client centred and family focused. When we establish goals, we collaborate with family members and other stakeholders involved with your child in order to make the goals relevant and achievable. This collaboration helps fill the gaps in getting to understand your child in all aspects of their lives.

We are committed to providing excellence in our service delivery, and we promise to deliver the best evidence-based assessment and therapy procedures so that we can help your child achieve their best outcomes. Reflective practise and ongoing professional development are essential requirements in providing best outcomes for our clients. Assessments used are current and are recognised by governing bodies to assist with funding applications. Therapy resources are constantly upgraded in order to continue motivating the child in their therapy sessions.

Our therapists and admin team are respected, valued and empowered. We have the most wonderful culture in the workplace! We are excited to be at work and we do our best to help our children achieve their goals in a fun and engaging manner.

At NSPOT you will find a team who are fun, passionate, innovative and who love doing what they do!

Why choose NSPOT as your speech and occupational therapy service provider?

  • At NSPOT you will find a team who are fun, passionate, innovative and who love doing what they do!
  • Our team are driven to continue providing excellence through our service delivery. All of our services are continually evolving in order to keep them engaging, fresh and exciting.
  • Our team culture is so wonderful that you just can’t help feel a great vibe when you enter our clinic.
  • We work out of modern state of the art rooms and our facilities lack for nothing.
  • We were established in 1986, so are able to provide you with experience, stability and the knowledge that our organisation is highly respected in the community.
  • Being the first paediatric speech pathology private practice in Penrith, we have well established networks amongst most schools, preschools, doctors and specialists. These networks are now extended to our Occupational Therapy clients.
  • Clinical experience – we have a large pool of inhouse clinical experience which provides an invaluable tool for the onboarding and mentoring of our new graduate and early career speech and occupational therapists. It also ensures that our clients will be treated by knowledgeable therapists who are always supported and encouraged to continue growing both clinically and professionally.
  • Our therapists genuinely care about helping their clients achieve their goals of communication, engagement and participation in a fun and engaging manner. We will work as a team with you and other service providers associated with your child. We will listen to you and do our best to help your child on their journey to achieve their goals.
  • We are realistic about limitations in getting homework done. So, in addition to standard homework, we give tips about how to do homework “on the fly”.
  • We have extensive experience with all disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
  • Ongoing mentoring and professional development is provided to all team members on a regular basis. This ensures that our service delivery is always of the highest quality and evidenced based.

Our Values

Our core values define who we are, how we work together as a team, and hold us accountable to ourselves and each other. At NSPOT you will get a sense of positivity and ‘good vibes’ as soon as you enter our clinic. This is a shining display of how when values are infused into the everyday workings of the clinic, magic happens. 

Our passion is to support children to become the best versions of themselves, in a fun and nurturing environment.


• We are inspired and energised by your achievements.
• We live and breathe what we do.
• We go the extra mile.
• You are our driving force.
• Your goals are our goals.


• We work together to find what works for you.
• We work as a “we” not a “me”.
• We create memorable moments.
• We support each other so we can support you.
• We bring the energy.


• We think outside the box.
• We are life-long learners.
• We are at the forefront of innovation in healthcare.
• We listen to understand you and your story.


• We create memorable moments.
• We celebrate all wins, big & small.
• We are driven to achieve the unimaginable, to help our clients to realise their dreams.
• We advocate for you.

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