Nepean Speech and Occupational Therapy are thrilled to be able to offer Telehealth as an alternate means of service delivery! In these uncertain times it is important that all of our children’s speech and occupational therapy services continue. Telehealth provides a means for this to occur.

Telehealth will enable us to provide on-going and consistent therapy for your child’s needs.

Telehealth FAQs:

What is Telehealth?
This is where allied health services are provided online. There is evidence supporting the use of online sessions for speech therapy and occupational therapy, indicating that these services are usually at least as effective as standard therapy.

Importance of Telehealth
Continuity of accessing regular therapy sessions is important in achieving goals. Prolonged absences may result in regression of skills learnt. At NSPOT we have a Therapy Pathway that we strongly support, and continuity of attendance to therapy is integral to this. Telehealth will enable us to provide on-going and consistent therapy for your child’s needs.

With the current uncertainty in today’s times, we strongly recommend that our clients access their therapy services through Telehealth if they are unable to come in to the clinic.

Will the quality of therapy reduce as the therapists can’t access the resources that they use in the office from their homes?

No, this will not occur at all! NSPOT moved ahead with the times 24 months ago and transitioned to storing all of our information / resources in the cloud. There is not a single resource that our team can’t access from home. This enables us to continue planning our sessions in the same manner as we did before. In addition to this, we have now been exposed to a plethora of new online therapy resources. The quality of these are so high that we are also using some of these resources in our face to face sessions in the clinic and at schools!

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