Looking for Speech Therapy in the Penrith Area?

We love helping and making a difference in children’s lives! Communication is a basic human right and we are driven to help our children find the best way to communicate to meet their needs.

A speech pathologist is professionally trained to assess, diagnose and treat people of all ages who have difficulty communicating.

If your child is having difficulty understanding what you say, using words/sentences to get their point across, and/or being understood by others, we highly recommend that a full speech and language assessment occurs. If they are school aged, we will also assess your child’s literacy skills.

Did you know? Language is learning. Most areas of the school curriculum are underpinned by language skills. Difficulty with speech sound production may impact on the development of your child’s literacy skills.

Children use language to:

  • Communicate their wants and needs
  • Communicate and interact with others
  • Be social and make friends
  • Speak up for themselves
  • Participate in class
  • Understand and follow directions
  • Analyse information

We love helping and making a difference in children's lives!

The Speech Pathologists at NSPOT can help if your child has difficulty in any of the following areas:

  • Speech / Articulation: The ability to produce speech sounds clearly in order to be understood.
  • Expressive Language: The ability to express oneself using words, sentences, gestures and alternative means of communication (AAC).
  • Receptive Language: The ability to understand spoken and written language and follow directions.
  • Social Skills: The ability to use language to interact with others and make friends.
  • Fluency (stuttering): The ability to produce fluent speech free of interpretation by unusual stops, repetitions (“b-b-boy”), and prolonging sounds and syllables (“sssspoon”).
  • Voice: The ability to speak with correct quality, volume, tone, pitch and awareness of voice.
  • Feeding / Swallowing: The ability to coordinate sucking and swallowing in order to eat and drink proficiently. This includes fussy eaters.

When to seek help

Any difficulties with speech and/or language development can lead to academic difficulties and difficulty participating socially with peers.

If you have concerns about your child’s speech, language, social or literacy skills, or if they appear to be functioning differently to the ages and stages outlined in our developmental milestones guide, or call us on 4721 4766 to speak with one of our friendly Speech Pathologists.

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