Richa Dutt

Speech Pathologist

About Richa

What inspired you to be a speechie?
What especially drew me to speech pathology was the ability support other’s communication and their capacity to express themselves, which is a basic and fundamental right. Growing up I always knew I wanted to the be the health field because I enjoyed helping others and seeing them thrive. What better way to fulfill this than by helping children find their voice and support them in becoming the best versions of themselves!

Who do you like to work with?
As a new grad, I am still finding my footing and what is of most interest to me, however I find early language and speech sounds both very interesting areas!

What is one of your greatest achievement?
One of my biggest achievements would be travelling overseas by myself and finishing my degree!

Pop the Pig and bubbles are definitely a speech pathologist’s best friend! I also love using Uno and Guess Who since they are good ice-breaker games.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, cooking and going to the gym. I also love to play tennis and golf.

Bachelor of Speech Pathology – Western Sydney University (Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist)

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