Lauren Purss

Speech Pathologist

About Lauren

What inspired you to become a speechie?
I actually went to several sessions of speech therapy to target my speech sound development as a young child and always had good memories from my time as a client. Fast forward to my final years of high school, I was looking to go to uni to study and get a job that would be fulfilling, rewarding and would help others. I came across the option of speech pathology and reflected on my experience of it and how much it impacted me. I really loved the idea of helping others communicate and participate functionally at school and in the community too! It is such a privilege to be able to help people like this and I’m so grateful I went for it.

Who do you like to work with?
I really enjoy working with a variety of clients – babies, preschool age, school age and adolescents! I also love working within a disability caseload and supporting my clients to communicate functionally, become more independent and to achieve their dreams. A few of the clinical areas I am most passionate about include supporting early language skills, literacy skills, and speech sound development.

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I love motivating and having fun with my clients while working towards their goals by using bubbles, colouring, treasure hunts, the tumbling monkeys game, Mr Potato Head and musical instruments! There are so many ways these resources can be used and so many goals that can be targeted using them. It’s so important for our kids to enjoy sessions, stay motivated to attend and have fun while also gaining lifelong skills.

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