Jerri Cruzado

Occupational Therapist Assistant

About Jerri

What inspired you to become an OT?
After leaving high school in 2017 I started a traineeship in Childcare and received my Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care. I worked in childcare for 2 years and along the way I met so many amazing OTs and Speechie’s whilst at the clinic. I knew I always wanted to work with children, and I have always been a problem solver, so why not mix the two. Once I learned what Occupational Therapy was, I knew I was destined to be an Occupational Therapist.

Who do you like to work with?
Children have always had a hold on my heart. I love watching children discover the world and learn the things that we have already learnt. Knowing that I can bring a child happiness by helping them overcome obstacles or reach goals, makes me so happy. Working with children means I can be an advocate for them, their development and provide them with the opportunity to strive in a safe space. My first placement at university was at a Paediatric clinic and that made me love OT even more.

Greatest accomplishment:
I have not achieved my greatest accomplishment yet but now it is sticking with my University Degree. I am 1 year away from completing my Bachelors of OT and it has been such rollercoaster. Once I graduate, that will be my greatest accomplishment.

Favourite OT games
I love the Visual Perception game Clack, and Silent Guess Who for handwriting.

I really enjoy going to the gym and hanging out with my partner and family. Going out for breakfast is my favourite.

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