Kristine Chamoun

Speech Pathology Therapy Assistant

About Kristine

What inspired you to become a speechie?
I always knew I had an interest in health, making a difference in people’s lives and working with children as I have grown up in a large family and was always surrounded by young children. When I discovered Speech Pathology, I knew it was the right path for me to take. Knowing that I am able to play such a significant role in the development of someone’s communication is such a rewarding feeling.

Who do you like to work with?
I enjoy working with children and being able to see the growth that a child makes throughout our sessions together. I have been really enjoying learning about early language development and I am so excited to expand my knowledge on the topic and many more including working with a diverse range of clients with the support of our team!

Greatest accomplishments?
I feel that one of the greatest things I have done is contributing to helping those in need through volunteer work completed at the Ronald McDonald house and an aged care facility. I have also been to state for netball and long jump!

Watch Kristine at Work

I love the pop the pig game as it is able to be used to target a range of different goals all in the one activity! Anything that can be used as motivation in the session is great.

I enjoy going to try new restaurants, spending quality time with friends and family, reading, shopping and going for walks!

  • Studying a bachelor of Speech Pathology at Australian Catholic University (4th year)

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