Khadijah Sakr

Speech Pathology Therapy Assistant

About Khadijah

What inspired you to become a speechie?

I have always had a passion for working in the healthcare sector and advocating for enabling individuals to live life to their best potential. Communication plays a major role in our life in particularly with our relationships, our identity and our overall involvement in society. Speech Pathology has been an open door for me to pursue my passion for working with children and adults who have struggles being heard. I am excited to see the changes I can facilitate in the learning, speech, language, expression, voice and confidence in my clients and their world.

Choosing speech pathology has been the greatest decision of my life and I am blessed to be in a profession which is able to help people throughout the entirety of their lives.

Who would you like to work with?

I would love to work with children and adolescents who present with a range of communication difficulties such as: speech, language, literacy and social skills.

I am always on the hunt in Kmart and Target for exciting, fun games. Some that I currently enjoy using are phonopoly and pop-up-pig.

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