Courtney Aiken

Speech Pathology Therapy Assistant

About Courtney

What inspired you to work in the area of Speech Pathology?

Speech pathology caught my eye because of the significant difference that it makes it people’s lives.

I completed work experience with NSPOT in 2017 and fell in love when I experienced just how rewarding it can be to make an impact. We work with such a wide range of clients and skills, I knew I could never be bored!

Who do you like to work with?

I have found my passion in working with children because I enjoy making therapy exciting and engaging! I don’t have a preference just yet however, I am keen to gain experience in all areas of communication development.

Watch Courtney at Work

I love games like Pop up pirate or Pop the pig! They are so diverse and can be used in activities to help with many areas of communication. When the toy pops up, I genuinely get surprised so there are always giggles and fun.

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