Bec Duke

Senior Speech Pathologist

About Bec

What inspired you to work in the area of Speech Pathology?

I wanted to be everything at once; a doctor, an English teacher, and a psychologist. One day when flicking through a Job Guide I found Speech Pathology, which fit all of the above! I wanted to help people and Speech Pathology has allowed me to do that every day.

Who do you like to work with?

I love working with everyone from toddlers to teenagers beginning to enter young adulthood. However my biggest area of interest is literacy. Literacy allows us to access information about the world around us, develop our academic skills, expand our imagination, and even connect with others through social media (a popular tool for teenagers to socialise with their peers). I also enjoy working with junior clinicians and students to support them in their clinical journeys.

Greatest Accomplishment?

I had to conquer my life long lisp to become a Speechie and there is nothing I am prouder of than that. I had a lateral lisp until I was 19 years old and had the privilege of experiencing what it is like to be a client. This has helped form me into the clinician I am today.

Watch Bec at Work

My favourite game is Shark Bite. It’s great for articulation practice, descriptive language, and prediction (will the shark bite you or me?). Plus it’s always fun seeing a child’s reaction to the shark jumping up for the first time! I’m also a fan of a good play theme to link multiple goals together- think travelling to space to describe new concepts to aliens, teach them sounds, decide what our rocket ship will look like and describe exactly how we’re going to get there.

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