Abi Thompson

Occupational Therapy Assistant

About Abi

What inspired you to become an OT?
Throughout my schooling I always knew I wanted to work within the allied health field however I found OT really intriguing. I have had personal experience with OT growing up in my family and it was amazing to see how much of a difference they made in our lives. Having said this, I wanted to be exactly like them and help people where I can to make the difference.

Who do you like to work with?
I have been so lucky to have had my university professional placement with NSPOT and it was amazing to see the therapist engage children through play. I really enjoy working with children (especially babies!) and their families to learn everyday skills.

Greatest accomplishment?
My greatest accomplishment has been representing Australia and travelling the world to play soccer and futsal.

Favourite OT games
I love heavy work activities including the swings and rock climbing wall and all things obstacle courses!

I enjoy playing and watching sports, especially soccer. I love travelling and experiencing new things.

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