Phonological Awareness

Phonological Awareness Group Program

Our Phonological Awareness Group is fun and engaging intensive program that teaches valuable phonological awareness skills. Filled with fun and exciting multimodal activities, this group will introduce and develop the foundational skills needed for children to achieve success with reading and spelling.

In this group the children will be work on:

  • Identifying the first and last sounds in words (e.g. the first sound in “cat” is /c/).
  • Blending sounds to form words (e.g. /p/ /a/ /n/ = “pan”).
  • Adding sounds to form new words (e.g. /p/ + ‘at’ = “pat”).
  • Deleting sounds to form new words (e.g. ‘scar’ – /s/ = “car”)
  • Substituting sounds to form new words (e.g. change /p/ to /s/ = “pat” to “sat”).

Children between 4-6 years of age.

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