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Literacy Skills (Sound Warriors) Program

Sound Warriors is an intensive but exhilarating literacy program designed for kids who may benefit from extra support with their reading and spelling skills! Packed with fun hands-on activities derived from the evidence-based Sounds Write program, this group will help your little warriors practice their reading and spelling skills in exciting and meaningful ways.

By the end of this group, your kids will be champions by achieving:

  • Increased confidence with reading and spelling at word and sentence level
  • Improved awareness of letter-sound correspondences expected for their age
  • Stronger blending, segmenting and phoneme manipulation skills, including
    • Identifying sounds in words (e.g. “What’s the first sound in ‘rabbit’?”
    • Blending sounds in words (e.g. c-a-t is ‘cat’)
    • Deleting sounds in words (e.g. “Say ‘sheep’ without the ‘p’ sound”)
    • Manipulating sounds in words (e.g. “Change the first sound in ‘cat’ to make the word ‘mat’”)

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