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Group Programs by Nepean Speech & Occupational Therapy

Group intensives are a fun and functional way of helping your child learn new skills or reinforce skills currently being learnt. At the same time, they provide a means for your child to work on their goals with increased frequency, day after day, and in a fun, relaxed setting with peers of similar abilities. In individual therapy sessions, we focus on helping your child develop their particular goals/skills. However, mastering and transferring these skills to real life situations does not always takes place as easily as we would like. When your child practices what they have learned outside of individual settings, the repetition that occurs as a result of daily attendance to the groups, and peer modelling, assist in the skills being generalised to the child’s more natural environment. When planning our groups, we aim to group children who are functioning at similar abilities, so that they can support and encourage each other to reach their goals.

Group therapy offers a supportive network and trusting environment where children can grow.

What group therapy offers:

  • Modelling and support from your speech and occupational therapists to help your child reach their goals
  • A fun, nonthreatening means for your child to work on achieving their goals
  • Support from peers and building of confidence through newfound friendships
  • Peer communication and participation within realistic social settings
  • Practice in a setting that mimics a real world environment
  • The ability for your child to teach and learn from others
  • Cost efficiency

Whether group therapy is targeting social communication (turn taking, staying on topic, initiating conversations) or building other communication / participation skills, it is an exciting way to help children reach their full potential. Group therapy offers a supportive network and trusting environment where children can grow.

Our groups run both through the school term and through school holiday breaks. We also run groups to provide some support to children who are on our waiting list. Please contact us should you require any additional information or would like to book your child in.

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